How You Can Gather Market Insights,
Re-Engage Your Customers
And Convert Business Leads To Appointments
AUTOMATICALLY Collect, Analyze And Qualify Hot Business Leads For Appointments
Are You In These Trades?
Real Estate Agents . Insurance Agents . Tuition Teachers / Agencies . Human Resource Professionals . Interior Designers . Spa Owners . Beauticians . Chiropractors . Physiotherapists . Website Designers . Lawyers . Personal Trainers . Accountants . Coaches . Consultants . Internet Marketers . Music Producers . Photographers . Videographers . Bridal Services . Talent Agents . Marketing Agencies . Network Marketers . Mobile Bankers . Loan Officers . Religious Organisations . Research Students . F&B Operators . Travel & Transport Operators and many more ?
How Your Business Can Easily
Collect Market Insights, Qualify And Convert Cold Leads To Appointments - 


Source for new leads with online surveys. Conduct market research. 
Or collect existing customers'

Gather leads through questionnaire - online or offline on your mobile device. Very easily create surveys and application forms with a few clicks of the mouse. It then automatically produces an Application Form, a Site Survey and a Web Survey for different purposes.  


qualifies your prospects based on your criteria.  Or quickly understand key insights from survey results.

The days of manually sorting through application forms and analyzing data from surveys is over. It automatically qualifies your leads based on how they respond to your questions. Allow you to study consolidated group data and individual response.


Present yourself as the highly sought after expert and consultant. Highly qualified leads book appointments automatically with you.  

Direct qualified applicants from your application or survey results and have them make an appointment with you - all done automatically! Appointment Module can make you look busy, allow multiple leads per appointment, setup buffer times, perform advanced bookings and so much more!
Amazing Ways That You Can Use
The Survey Leads Collection Module

Generate 3 Survey Types From One Questionnaire

We automatically generate 3 different platforms from your questionnaire -
(1) Application Form,
(2) Site Survey,
(3) Web Survey. 

You can deploy this 100% online, or use them during your roadshows or cold calls on your mobile devices.  It is time to impress with a professional image and discard paper surveys!

Instantly qualify your cold leads based on how they answer

The days of pre-approving and scanning application forms is over. SurveyMeetup has a logic system built in that allows you to automatically qualify your leads based on your audience's response.

Only engage prospects who meet your criteria. 

Set up a points system for each qualifying question to easily identify the hot leads to follow up

As your prospects are filling up your application form or survey, the software is calculating their scores, based on their answers to your questions. 

You can set up qualifying criteria before they are able to move forward.

Save time on calculating statistics for market survey. Now you can watch the results as a whole group of respondents

Reporting statistics feature helps you easily identify the needs and interests from all your respondents.  This helps you make better decisions about your marketing efforts. 

Track individual's response as each respondent submits the survey

In addition to seeing how the group has responded as a whole, you’re also able to track each individual response. 

You’re able to see how they answered to each question such as if they provided contact info, their IP address, qualified status, etc.

Actions based on qualifications

Based on the survey response, your cold leads are classified as unqualified or qualified for further actions.

For example, your unqualified leads can be sent to a lower ticket product or service, helping you still monetize that lead, while your high value leads are sent to your high ticket sales process and/or appointment calendar.

Customize your surveys to your theme with just a few clicks

The survey color themes are automatically matched according to the main colors you choose.
Amazing Ways That You Can Use
The Leads Appointment Projects Module

Easily create multiple appointment projects

Allows you to create not one, but multiple appointments. This way you’re able to have a different link for each project, product or service you are offering.

For example, you could be running different businesses, or stationed in different showrooms.  You can create an appointment booking for each of these activities with a different logo or brand.

Add your own branding, profile pictures and social media links

It’s completely up to you what you choose to show. 
You can set a logo for each appointment (project, product or service). 
You can also include your profile pic from your account and pull in your social media and contact information too.

Universal availability or specific time slots available

You have two options! 
Each of your events can set a specific time slot availability. 
You can also use one default availability from your user settings that apply to all events so that there will be no unforeseen time slot clashes among different events.

User specific time zones and admin time zones

When your leads make an appointment with you the software will always display their time zone. However, once they have scheduled their appointment with you it will show in your time zone always.

Integrated with your Google Calender

No appointment software would be complete without a Google Calendar integration. 

SurveyMeetUp is no exception. If you fill up a date and time on the Google Calendar it will be reflected in SurveyMeetUp. If your lead books a slot in SurveyMeetUp it will block that time in the Google Calendar as well.

Automatic meetings through ZOOM & Go-To meeting

You can integrate with 3rd party video conferencing platforms Zoom and GoToMeeting. This means that when the appointments are automatically made for you, your prospects receive a link in their email, and so does the admin (you). When it’s time for the meeting you simply click the link to meet up online!
Alternatively, you can set the appointment to take place offline at your specified locations.

Complete statistics and reporting

You have all the data at your finger tips. You’re able to see how your leads are converting. 

All your data is conveniently displayed in one place.

Add a video as a strong call to action

Video helps a lot in converting leads.
So far, nobody has a video on their appointment form. 
We make it possible for you! 

Your video will instantly turn into the calendar when your lead clicks a call-to-action.

Advanced features and benefits to setup your appointments!

SurveyMeetUp can make you look busy, allow multiple leads per appointment, setup buffer times, perform advanced bookings and so much more!
Built By Marketers For Marketers
The above are just the basic features.
SurveyMeetUp was built by marketers for marketers - to automate real life time-consuming routine tasks - so that you can save time for important priorities in life !
SurveyMeetUp Is Responsive And
Works On All Devices!
We know how important it is to make sure your application forms and surveys can be viewed
on all devices. Great care has gone into the development of SurveyMeetUp to make sure it is
mobile responsive on all devices.
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