Scale Your Company Business
With Enterprise Version:
Add Staff, Team Mates And Virtual Assistants 
And Work As A Team
Add employees, team mates, staff members and Virtual Assistants
as users to YOUR account with specific roles.
You can also assign Appointment tasks to them.
Are You From These Trades?
Real Estate Agents . Insurance Agents . Tuition Teachers / Agencies . Human Resource Professionals . Interior Designers . Spa Owners . Beauticians . Chiropractors . Physiotherapists . Website Designers . Lawyers . Personal Trainers . Accountants . Coaches . Consultants . Internet Marketers . Music Producers . Photographers . Videographers . Bridal Services . Talent Agents . Marketing Agencies . Network Marketers . Mobile Bankers . Loan Officers . Religious Organisations . Research Students . F&B Operators . Travel & Transport Operators and many more ?
With the Enterprise account, you can scale your business to the next level by integrating seamless team work into your account.

You will also enjoy all the Starter Package features in the SurveyMeetUp as well.


Customize to your team's or company's brand.

Brand your SurveyMeetUp platform according to your team or company name, color scheme and logo.  Be seen as the dynamic force with a platform of your own.


Add employees, team mates or virtual assistants as users. Decide level of access for each.
You can now add users to access your system and control the level of access according to their roles.
With staff members or team mates handling the different roles of creating questionnaires, appointments and interpreting data collected, you can literally run a business on complete autopilot and scale your business to the next level.


Choice to assign Appointments to specific users or on a "Round-Robin" basis.

Have trained staff or team mates who can attend to appointments with qualified leads? The system allows you to assign appointments to specific staff member, or on a round-robin basis.  This is not just a tool, but a complete leads collection and conversion business solution that you can literally be hands-free, running on its own.  This is how you scale a business.
Amazing Ways That You Can Benefit From Enterprise Version

Customize To Your Own Brand & Identity

You're able to completely convert your Enterprise account to your own brand and identity. With a few clicks of the mouse, the color scheme can be changed to match your company, and you can even feature your own company logo. Your employees or team will think you built your own proprietary software.

Add Users To Your Enterprise Account

Your business will most likely have an offline operation involving a team or company.  You can now add employees, staff members, team mates and virtual assistants as users to your Enterprise account.  For all your users, you have the ability to decide what they can and can't do - effortlessly. You simply choose your user, and with a few clicks of a mouse, you can restrict what they can access and which actions they can perform inside the platform.

This means you are able to assign certain users to perform certain tasks. 

Assign Appointments To Your Users

Once you have added users in your platform, you can also assign users to handle specific appointments with qualified leads.
In addition to assigning to a specific user, you can also assign a round robin, which means it will randomly go through and choose one of your employees to handle the appointment for you.
The appointment will then look at the availability for that one user and show those available time slots.
When your user logs into the account, they will only see the information you have given them access to. They will also see the appointments that have been assigned to them.
An amazing feature that is going to help you completely automate your business and bring it to a whole new level!  

Show Related Appointments On Calender

You are setup to show related appointments on your Appointment Calendars. So the strategy is to not just get them into a FREE consultation section, but also try to get them into one of your other appointments.

Charge For Online / Offline Consultation

You can choose to charge a consultation fee prior to an appointment in a wide range of currencies via Stripe or Paypal. The Appointment can be held online via 3rd party software such as ZOOM or GotoMeeting.  
Or you can choose to arrange a meeting offline.   
The choice is yours on how you want to configure it.

60 Survey Templates Ready For Use
60 survey templates from a wide range of niches that you can use. Simply load these templates into questionnaire, and then you are free to change and customize them.

Embed Survey Widget Into Your Webpage

You can display your Survey Widget into your existing website professionally. 

Your website visitors can easily click on your widget and your survey will pop up (with your video if you enable it).

Embed Appointment Widget Into Your Webpage

You can display your Appointment Widget into your existing website professionally.

Your website visitors can easily click on your widget and your appointment calender will pop up (with your video if you enable it).
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